WCAPSU is hosting our biannual two-day, two-night leadership summit at UC Davis this year! We encourage new and returning WCAPSU summit attendees to join us!

Location: UC Davis
Dates: Friday, September 4th, 2015 to Sunday, September 6th, 2015 (Labor Day Weekend)

**Please RSVP at: by Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 at 11:59PM * *


(re)Visioning Values: Building Our Narrative, Building Our Movement

National conversations around antiblack violence, affirmative action (access to higher education), and mental health are challenging pan-ethnic student coalitions to reflect on their values and capacities for advocacy and/or organized struggle. WCAPSU believes this is an opportunity for leadership from progressive Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi/American students in higher education to shape the future of A/PI/D/A coalitions and influence the trajectory of our communities for the forseeable future. We aim to establish a space where student leaders can discuss and share knowledge, practices, and resources in preparation for the upcoming academic year. Through workshops, keynote speakers, and dialogue at this summit, we seek to fortify our capacities for supporting each other and contribute to a sustainable discourse that enables us to engage in these increasingly challenging discussions at various levels.

We will also be using this summit to build WCAPSU’s capacities as a regional organization. We wish to expand our network to students in more institutions and build a database of the resources available for the development of Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi/American student organizers and document the challenges they face at their institutions in order to better understand the nature and landscape of activism.

What is WCAPSU?

The West Coast Asian Pacific Islander Student Union (WCAPSU) serves to support Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi/American students to enact progressive change across West Coast universities and in their communities. In recognizing critical needs for successful student organizing, WCAPSU strives to facilitate a coalition space that shares advocacy opportunities, consolidates resources, and takes an active role in leadership development between campus constituents.

What is Fall Summit?

The WCAPSU summit is a two-day, two-night leadership retreat where undergraduate A/PI/D/A leaders across the West Coast will gather to engage in critical dialogue and discussion regarding affirmative action, antiblackness, and mental health. Participants will check-in and inform one another about the advocacy efforts at individual campuses, while consolidating a network of A/PI/D/A leaders to better confront common challenges, and share best practices. Our summit will hopefully equip summit attendees with the frameworks and knowledge necessary to drive forward while continuing to look to themselves within.

The idea behind the theme of “(re)Visioning Values” stems from Grace Lee Boggs’ reflections on “visionary organizing” and what the revolutionary work of the coming generations will entail. Controversially, this concept seeks to reinforce the notion that direct action and reform are ephemeral in challenging oppression, and that the long-term nurturing of revolutionary consciousness is key to both survival and liberation, wherein the values we have been taught to uphold must be actively rejected and replaced by new visions that stretch the imagination for what we might all look like beyond a hegemonically structured world. As the organizers of this summit, we have keyed in on our personal perceptions of what progressive A/PI/D/A organizers at west coast university need & are struggling to address; this led us to elect antiblackness, mental health, and affirmative action as focal points in an experiment with what visionary organizing can mean for all our efforts. And while it’s not our intention to find a definitive set of answers at this summit, it is within our power to collaborate and build with one another in order to better clarify what the praxis of student organizing can strive to be.