WCAPSU 2013 Spring Summit at UC Irvine

WCAPSU is formerly known as the Asian Pacific Student Union. It was the first of its kind. However, it dissolved at an unknown time.

During the Students of Color Conference at the University of California, Davis on November of 2011, Trung Nguyen (UCLA) and Matt Vu (UCSD) initiated the revival of APSU, renaming the movement to WCAPSU. They saw that the conversations during these conferences usually focused on identity and stereotypes, but wanted ot take a step further and discuss about grassroots democracy, policy and deeper issues.

In its first year, the coalition focused on discussions on the mission and purpose of WCAPSU.  After Trung and Matt graduated, Elaine Won (UCI) continued the momentum and led the effort to develop the pillars and values of WCAPSU. The revival team worked on the foundations for the mission statement, the constitution, and also planning for the first A/PI/A West Leadership Summit.

The first A/PI/A West Leadership Summit was held at UC Irvine on May 4-5. Participating campuses included UCB, USC, UCSD, UCSB, SDSU, CSUF, De Anza College, and CSUN. At the summit, the mission statement and constitution were solidified. This space also held elections for the first executive board.

The first executive board consisted of three members: Summer Ko (UCI), Emilio Camu (UU) & Alex Oka (De Anza). Throughout their term, they focused on solidifying the constitution, continue outreach efforts and establishing campus delegate meetings.

On January 24th – 26th, the second WCAPSU Leadership Summit was held at UC Berkeley. Participating campuses include UCB, USC, UCSD, UCLA, De Anza College, and UCI. The discussions at the summit served as an outlet to constrictively understand the issues that WCAPSU faced in the previous years and to take a step further and create a stronger foundation based in California. The WCAPSU Board increased the number of leadership opportunities by having a Director, Northern CA Organizer, Southern CA Organizer, Publicity Chair, Campaign Chair, Finance Chair and Summit Chair.

The current WCAPSU board is focusing on reflecting on the current values of WCAPSU and creating resources to serve our respective campuses. UCLA & USC recently initiated the #beyondthestereotype campaign and WCAPSU played a key role in educating and mobilizing other college campuses about the current issues. Currently, WCAPSU is outreaching to other campuses and creating committees to solidify our organizational structure.